About Marchay


Marchay is a private, membership based Luxury Travel Company for CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of creative fields. Our members, who are interviewed before acceptance, are the highest spending and most sophisticated travelers in the market. We are set up to be the one place where our members and their families plan and book all of their travel, both for work and leisure.

Marchay is unique in that we take a fiduciary approach to travel service. Our advisors have no commission based compensation, are not encouraged to “sell” travel, but only to help our members maximize the value and experience of their travel in a personal way.


Marchay Travel Advisors work as a dedicated relationship manager or within a team to manage our members’ travel lives. This includes urban travel to major cities globally, vacations & weekend trips, and experience driven trips with a heavy planning and DMC component. The broad nature of the scope makes for a fast paced, engaging and varied day-to-day navigating the luxury travel landscape. Our model encourage advisors to build rewarding relationships with the member and become a trusted extension of the member’s team.

We are relentlessly focused on servicing our members to the highest levels of professionalism and also sophistication. We are building a service infrastructure across multiple time zones leveraged with the best technology to provide a true in-house 24/7 service.

Service is the linchpin of our business and so we are looking for the BEST, and to create a career that is fun, creative, empowering and that has material growth in both personal development and compensation with great opportunities to explore our shared love for travel.

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